Saturday, June 5, 2010

Is Social Media turning you into a Douchebag?

I use social media personally and to promote my nonprofit, but I’m mindful not to put documentation above experience. When we’re out having drinks/at dinner, can I finish a fucking story (or better yet, can you finish yours?!) before being interrupted with “wait, that’s really funny can I tweet that?” Or, “I really want to hear this, but can you take a picture of me first..I’m want to update my Facebook status?” Or, “hold on, I need to check in here?”
This is pure colloquium interruptus, which is latin for “I’m being a total douchebag who can’t be present.”
Now, if you’re accompanied by fellow SMD’s (social media douchebags), remember the 1980’s anti-drug commercial where, after being admonished by his father for doing drugs, the little boy responds “I learned it from watching you!”

It’s rude. I love you. Stop.

Note: This post is not for the novice social media user, it's for the socialmeadialites, the twitter ninjas, and the Facebook freaks.

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