Friday, June 25, 2010

HOW TO CLEAN YOUR EARS: Upcoming shows in the citaaaay

Portugal. The Man July 3 FREE

I’ve seen this band several times and they never fail to give an awe inspiring show. If you don’t feel compelled to rock out during said performance you’re either 1) my 60+ yr old parents; 2) have taken too much xanax and must report home immediately; or 3) do not enjoy classic funk soul smacking rock music. Otherwise, I really think you’ll dig it.

There is a particular musician that I want to take in at the Warm Up party and she is Glasser. Her song "Apply" from the EP made me want to dance around a bonfire Native American style and take roots prescribed by the medicine man- all in slowed time. Check it.
There is sound in my mind, keeps me up all night-Glasser 

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