Thursday, June 10, 2010

Dear Facebook, you asked What’s On My Mind? I’ll tell you: WHY ARE NONE OF MY FU@#KING POSTS SHOWING UP IN THE NEWS FEED?!

Wondering why none your Facebook posts that include links/pictures/videos are showing up in the News Feed?

In May, Facebook came out with their new and “improved” privacy settings. I have my settings set to Friends Only, meaning anything I want to share (videos, pictures, articles) can show up in my friends news feed because I want them to check it out. I’ve already read the freakin article, I’m not selecting share so I can bask in the glow of how interesting my profile page is turning out. Seems reasonable, no?

So I began to wonder, why is my mother, (who is on Facebook solely to stalk me), the only person commenting on or liking my posts? Not to toot my own virtual horn, but I don’t engage in what I call “Iceberg Lettuce” Facebook updates; those with absolutely zero nutritional value, a la, I’m going to the gym; or those clearly passive aggressive updates intended for one person, my personal favorites, Some people are so disappointing..Oh well :(

I try to keep it interesting, and have previously received a decent amount of Feedback.

So what happened? Did the News Feed turn into the Bermuda Triangle? Is Facebook punishing me for talking all that shit about them during the privacy wars of 2010? (Which are still ongoing btw, I’m not done with you yet Zuckerberg!)

I asked all my friends, they said they haven’t seen a post from me in a while. Hmm. I launch an extensive investigation. This is what I’ve figured out:

Go to Accounts-->Applications-->Edit Links Settings-->Additional Permissions-->check box that says Applications may post to my wall. Do the same for pictures and videos as well.

This was never necessary before and makes absolutely no sense, but it’s the only way to avoid a masturbatory existence on this “social” network.

Clown Shoes. 

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